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Loutra Ypatis

 - Alexakis Hotel & Spa

Loutra Ipatis today is a small but complete city, a spa town per se, which ensures comfortable and pleasant accommodation to its visitors. Our spa town gives the impression of a rural area peripherally but in the feeling is different in the city center.

The city is buzzing with life from the hundreds of holidaymakers and bathers who choose one of the dozens of hotels and organized pensions that can be found in the area. In the city you will also be able to admire some buildings that survive from the late 19th century giving a different color to our spa town.
A visitor can use taxis to move around while about every hour, there are buses that connect Loutra Ipatis with the city of Lamia.

The town center has everything you may need from restaurants to grocery stores and kiosks. You can roam around the traditional public market, where every morning farmers bring fresh vegetables and fruits from their gardens. There are many restaurants, taverns and grills in and around town and neighboring villages. Additionally, lovers of long walks and excursions are very lucky because the town is located in the perfect geographical position where someone can move in different directions. The mountain of Iti is the perfect excursion with its scattered beautiful villages and historical monuments.

Moreover, a getaway to Loutra Ipatis, ensures also that the visitors will receive the precious gift of nature which is none other than the thermal water that springs from the hot bowels of the earth and offers relief and healing.