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Gorgopotamos Bridge

The historic bridge of Gorgopotamos can be found right next to the village which bares the same name. The bridge connects the two slopes of Iti and carries the railway line from Athens to Thessaloniki.
One of the most glorious pages of the modern history of Greece was written on this bridge. On the night of November 25, 1942, the united resistance organizations of EAM and EDES together with British saboteurs, following a decision of the allied headquarters in the Middle East, blew up the bridge causing a long delay to the Germans that were trying to cross the bridge and who were pressuring the allies in Africa.
The bridge was rebuilt in 1948. It is 211 meters long and 30 meters high. On the small hill, located a few meters away, an annual gathering is held every year to honor the great achievement of November 25, 1942, which expressed, among other things, the unity of the struggle on the years of Occupation against the forces of violence.