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Thermal Springs

It is known that the thermal waters of Loutra Ipatis’ spring, gushed from a great earthquake around 427 BC.
The Ancients had already pointed out the healing properties of the thermal springs in general. According to mythology, Hercules owed his great power to the fact that he bathed in the thermal waters of the neighboring Thermopylae which Hephaestus made them gush from the earth for his sake on Athena’s request.
The descriptions that where made around the middle of last century, show evidence that this same spring of thermal waters was already been used since antiquity.

Back in the ancient times, stones where placed deep in the reservoir of the spring. This shows us that there was a ladder for the bathers to use. The name “Aphrodite” was written in one of the stones which testifies that the spring was dedicated to the goddess of beauty. Many marble slabs have also been found with ancient letters engraved. The engraving on one of those means “One who visits this place, forgets”.
The therapeutic spring water of Ιpati is unique among Greek springs for being rich in both carbonic acid and hydrogen sulphide.
The spring water has a temperature of 33.2º Celsius, and is characterized as hypothermic, hypertonic and strongly carbonated. The water contains medium levels of sulphide as well as chloronate, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron, bromide, and lithium. The water temperature is similar to normal body temperature, which makes it particularly suitable for hydrotherapy.

The carbonic acid content of the spring makes it suitable for treating various dysfunctions in the circulatory system some of which are dysfunctions and disturbances of cardiac function, hypertension, illnesses due to severe illness, recovery from chronic diseases of the nervous system, neuralgia, convulsions, etc. The hydrogen sulphide content of the spring makes it suitable for treating various skin diseases, chronic rashes and especially eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, and acne, chronic rheumatic diseases and arthritis, migraine headaches, post- traumatic stress etc.

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